08 JanBack to Sollet!

Ikväll efter middagen så styr jag skutan tillbaka mot Sollefteå. En spännande vecka väntar, uppdatering kommer efter nästa veckas slut.

Under tiden jag väntar på att maten ska bli klar och att brorsan ska komma hem, så roar jag mig med att kolla vad mitt namn betyder. Kolla du med vettja: http://www.urbandictionary.com/names.php?

Rebecka betyder enligt denna sida:


A woman who is feisty, charming and full of a wry sense humor. She has a beautiful face with graceful contours and angles. Her animated facial expressions and honest heart don’t require much deciphering; what she says is what she means! She is determined to accomplish, sometimes to the point of sacrificing the joys in life to have a project or goal completed. She is emotionally vulnerable only to those she absolutely trusts, to all others she is extremely wary. Not one who is easily influenced, though she is extremely influential and she knows it! A friendship with her is long lasting full of great memorable moments. She loves organizing and being in control, but is willing to yield to better judgment. Destined for greatness!
She is one in a million and a treasure to behold!

Kram R

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